Out of all start-ups,
about a quarter are
businesses for social impact.

They serve a wide variety of society needs in Ireland…

Job creation
Mental health issues
Violence prevention
Rural isolation

Human Rights
Quality Education
Disability rights & equality
Healthcare Issues

…while facing many challenges.

Irish Social Business Campus

is a regional, collaborative and practical support structure to help the creation and growth of businesses for social impact.

There are many ways to support businesses for social impact and we believe collaboration is one of the most important ones. 

Irish Social Business Campus is itself a result of an innovative collaboration – where existing organisations joined together to create a strong support network to assist creation and development of businesses for social impact.

Our goal is to:




We are currently in year 3 of a successful pilot – supporting over 30 emerging businesses through an incubator programme and engaging with many more through workshops, events and consulting. 

Please visit BNest.ie for more details.

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