You Can't Do It All by Yourself


Connecting and collaborating – reach out to find new ideas, opportunities and allies.

We believe people working together to create or achieve the same thing, have much better chance of success.

Public Events

From those engaged in setting up or already running a business for social impact, to those simply interested in this subject – our open events give opportunity to learn about social enterprise sector and meet those who build it.

ISBC Connect

ISBC Connect helps to connect emerging social enterprises with skilled professionals, who are willing to give a few hours of their time, using their best skills and experience.

Cooperative Opportunities

We activelly seek and facilitate connections within social enterprise sector, reach out to “mainstream business” for collaboration opportunities, helping to find mutual benefits. 


“It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”
Charles Darwin

We seek out and help foster opportunities between people and enterprises to collaborate to the mutual benefit. This is why we’re determined to bring those who care about social impact close together – in many ways:

Collaboration within social business sector

Collaboration between social business and mainstream business

Building awareness about social businesses

Collaboration with researchers & academia

Collaboration with support organisations 

Public Events

Join us at our open events – whether you’re running a social enterprise, not-for-profit organisation, charity, community organisation, thinking of setting one up or simply want to meet those who are passionate about making a positive difference. 

Ask & Advise Evenings

Ask&Advise is an informal (read: pizza & beer) evening where your local social enterprises, community organisations and charities get to share their small day-to-day challenges and everyone in the room is welcome to offer advice, suggestions or share a useful contact.

& Talks

Workshops and evening talks are a great way to learn something new and even more importantly an unique chance to meet like-minded people, passionate about making change.


At the end of each Incubator Programme we celebrate and showcase the progress participants made, also inviting other social enterprises from the region to showcase their social impact.

ISBC Connect

One of our most important goals is helping people and organisations to connect in meaningful ways to their .mutual benefit .

On one side we have emerging social enterprises and other organisations making positive social impact, looking for a specific advice, and on the other side – skilled professionals, who are willing to give a few hours of their time, using their best skills and experience.

Making a meaningful connection between them brings great benefits to both!

Cooperative Opportunities

Making connections amongst organisations who share the same goals and values has many tangible benefits.

Shared Interests Groups

Even though each organisation is unique, connecting with others who share same interests might be hugely beneficial to all sides. 

Market Clusters

Combining the various skills and offerings into a synergistic whole might be challenging, but it also brings benefits far beyond individual capabilities of those involved – i.e. being able to succesfully  respond to tenders.

Get in touch!

Whether you are an emerging business with social impact, a support organisation, a researcher, someone involved in CSR or simply interested in this sector - let's connect!

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ISBC is supported by Enterprise Ireland’s Regional Enterprise Development Fund