Ask & Advise Evening

A new way to give back


An informal problem-solving session open to all and aimed to help your local social enterprises, charities and community organisations.

Never underestimate the power of like minded people wanting to help out with a good cause.

Chris MM Gordon

Ask&Advise is an informal (coffee, beer & snacks) evening where your local social enterprises, community organisations and charities get to share their small day-to-day challenges and everyone in the room is welcome to offer advice, suggestions or share a useful contact.

You’re invited!

Ask & Advise is open to:

those who are

.engaged in a project.

making a positive social impact

and members of

.general public.

who are willing to give relevant advice

What is it all about?

Those trying to make a positive social impact have great ideas and they never lack the passion – they really, really want to make things better.

And, as all “doers” – they also face a lot of challenges.

Limited resources, lack of contacts, know how or funds – we know this won’t stop them, but might slow them down a little…

No asking for money,
no asking for volunteers
– just your brain for an hour or so
in return for coffee, beer and snacks.

“I would rather be surrounded by smart people than have a huge budget.”

– McKinsey associate

Our idea is simple – show up, enjoy some coffee, beer & snacks, chat and get to know those who try to make a social impact in your area and take part in ‘brainstorming’ session to solve small, day-to-day challenges they are facing. 

What kind of challenges?

From our own personal years of running the event, each and every group brings new challenges, new solutions and their own energy.

Given a specific ask that can potentially be solved, and being open to listening to suggestions from your colleagues can be a rewarding experience.

Each time, new initiatives bubble up and people who attend who may not know how they can be involved, end up having some of the best ideas.
Chris MM Gordon

Have a look at some of the example of the questions asked at the previous events, just to give you an idea:

'Where is the best place to get insurance for summer camps for kids with autism?'
Advise: Go for yearly insurance if you organise multiple events it will work out much cheaper than paying per event.
'Where could I get good value, foldable plinths for an art exhibitions in vacant buildings?'
Advise: One person offered free wood, another said they could do the design and someone else offered help with production. And if this wasn’t enough – BOI Workbench manager (this is where we held the event) offered their window for the exhibition!
'We want to offer our catering services to corporate sector and looking for some contacts'

Advise: Few contacts were shared. 

'How can I efficiently track participation in my walking programmes?'

Someone from the audience volunteered her husband to build a database for them (wasn’t that so nice!).

'We're looking for ideas for wooden products our social enterprise could make?'

Soooo many fantastic & practical suggestions were made!

'We're just starting off - where in Limerick could we find an affordable office space?'

Advise: Many suggestions were made, including the office that company eventually got. 

Want to ask a question?

Remember, the more specific the question – the better advice given.

Your turn!

So, we want you to look at your positive social impact project. We want you to think about a very specific query, issue or problem that you would like advice on and put it forward to our panel and audience to identify if they can help you in any way. As you can see from the examples, a lot can be achieved from posing questions on the night. This is all about the people in the room being able to offer advice as well as taking it.

Every question is important to us and the idea is that you can go home with a solution to your issue or at least enlightened in the direction you have been advised to take.

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If you have a question in mind, we would love to hear from you. 

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