We have held our first East Cork’s Ask and Advise evening in Midleton and we’re delighted with how it went. 

The idea of an Ask&Advise evening is very simple – we want to provide a platform for those interested in the social impact space to advise each other, learn from each other and maybe even collaborate. We were delighted to see social entrepreneurs – those established and those just starting off, experts, community leaders and curious individuals to come together in an informal setting to share expertise, give a steer to those in need of advice and provide a forum for meaningful networking for all participants.

The evening was co presented by Chris MM Gordon (of Irish Social Enterprise Network) and Robert Carey (Community Development Manager, NEWKD) and organised in partnership with SECAD

Topics ranged from tech to governance, crisis management to leveraging engagement and everything in between. 

ISBC CEO Eamon Ryan said:

“The Ask and Advise events show us that people often struggle to make the right connections but when they do, it can be transformational.”

 We would like to thank everyone who joined us for the evening – we hope you had some good conversations, made few connections and will join us at future events too!