Applied Learning

Putting theory into practice


Practical approach supported by research –
answering the challenges of real-life businesses.

We believe the best learning comes from hands-on experience, so while there are skills, theories and models behind our programmes – we only apply what’s relevant to you and your project.

Business Development Programmes

Business Development Programmes we offer, range from 6 months comprehensive incubator programme to short courses on very specific challenges. 

Individual Support

Individual support is a significant part of our incubator programme and we also offer such one to one consultations to established social enterprises to help with specific issues they might face. 

Business Development Programmes

All business development programmes ISBC offers are designed to provide practical and tangible solutions to the participants and their ventures.  

Incubator Programme

Comprehensive 4-6 months programme, providing participants with supportive space to explore next steps in setting up, developing or scaling their business for social impact as well as practical skills and expert business advise.

Specialist Programmes


Intense and focused programmes, helping to meet critical challenges affecting business for social impact, at any stage of development.


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Helping you to establish a baseline of where you are at and what you want and need to do.

Incubator Programme

ISBC Incubator Programme, developed and facilitated by BNest, strives to help you find and hold a changing critical balance point where .business  requirements, desired .social impact  and your .personal  dream – all co-exist.

Please visit BNest page to learn more about our incubator programme. 

Specialist Programmes

For existing organisations we offer shorter courses, built around specific challenges that businesses encounter in striving to develop their positive social impact. 

Articulating Your Impact
– How to Measure & Communicate your Impact to those who need to Understand

Meaningful impact is what drives social enterprises, that is impact that has real benefit to real people.

Did you know that knowing your impact is only the start?

Did you know that you need to be able to articulate the impact your create?

Did you know that you must be able to articulate your impact in a way that is easily understood by those who can help and support the work that you do? – Funders, Policy Makers, Public Agencies, Potential Partners, Users, Influencers, Your Board, Your Staff etc.

In our short course we will explain:

– What does Impact mean, particularly in the Social Enterprise Space?
– What does Impact mean for YOUR enterprise?
– Why should you measure YOUR Impact?
– HOW can you measure YOUR impact?
– Who should be aware of the impact you are creating with our enterprise?

At the end of this course you will be in a position to;

– Create a practical “Impact Articulation Plan” for your enterprise
– Create an implementation plan and approach for that plan
– Learn how to demonstrate your impact to those relevant people that can make a difference to the work that you do

Duration & Delivery: Five 2 hour sessions, delivered online over a three week period

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Business strategy and Values

How to build a business strategy that represents your business and works for you. 

The key to a successful strategy is to ensure it is;

– Rooted in your values and vision

– Flexible so you can navigate the unknown elements

– Realistic to navigate from your current reality
In our short course we will guide you to:

– Revisit your Purpose, values and vision

– Create clarity on a strategy direction that aligns to your vision

Duration & Delivery: Five 2 hour sessions, delivered online over a three week period

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Personal Strategic Direction

A series of four intensive workshops for founders, managers & key decision makers.

Specifically designed to create a safe environment and provide the necessary tools to delve deeply, bringing clarity and the freedom to create an ideal vision of your business that excites and energizes you.

Duration: 4 x 1/2 day

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Online Learning – Coming Soon!

We have partnered with An Cosán Virtual Community College (VCC) to offer online programmes, focused on helping you reflect on where you are now and how to progress to where you want to be.

Individual Support

We offer individual “coaching to a purpose” sessions aiming to help with specific issues you might face.

Please check the calendar for upcoming “Clinics” locations or contact us directly to arrange a session.





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