About ISBC

It's all about collaboration.

Our Story

Back in 2016, BNest – the first dedicated Social Enterprise Incubator Programme in Ireland, started with a simple goal – to help socially inspired founders, by creating a socially motivated incubator.

But we quickly learned that incubator itself wouldn’t be enough – one of the key components to create a really powerful and effective support – is making connections. 

Nexus Innovation Centre, Kemmy Business School, followed by Clare Local Development Company, SECAD, North & East Kerry Development Company and Ludgate Hub – all came together with BNest and this collaboration led to creating Irish Social Business Campus (ISBC) consortium – regional, collaborative and practical support structure to help the creation and growth of businesses for social impact.

Our Approach

Social business face the same issues and challenges as any other start-up – combining those challenges with a strong drive to make a positive social change doesn’t make things easier!

This is why we take an unique approach of supporting both organisation and individuals on their unique journeys.


Businesses that seek positive social impact have many names – but we’re not about the labels at all… 

Social Enterprise

Business for Social Impact

Commercial Business with Social Goals

Start-Up with a difference

Socially Driven Enterprise

Community Enterprise


Corporate Social Venture


Over the years we have meet many of you who have started or are active in social business. This can be in many roles – entrepreneur, volunteer, employee, participant.

In so many cases the social business “comes to find you” – you just feel the urge to “right the wrong”, “give voice to the voiceless” or to “do good” and using business activities is a way to enhance your impact.
We understand the uniqueness of your journey and aim to provide support aligned to your specific needs.

…so no matter what your venture is called or what path you’ve taken to this point – all we care about is helping you enhance your

.positive social impact.

We support any business or endeavour where the social impact matters at least as much as the financial goals of the organisation.

Consortium Members 


Chairperson A. Harrington

Directors: T. McCaul, R. Carey, P. Dillon, R. Meaney P. Ellingstad, E. Ryan

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Whether you are an emerging business with social impact, a support organisation, a researcher, someone involved in CSR or simply interested in this sector - let's connect!

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ISBC is supported by Enterprise Ireland’s Regional Enterprise Development Fund